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History of the company SERW Ltd.
The company SERW is a long-time producer of switching machines for the energetic industry and switching stations. In 1975 was created in the then operation of Škoda Plzeň (plant Sedlec) a base for own development and production of EHV disconnectors and earthing switches under the brand ŠKODA PLZEŇ. In 1993 after the privatization of the operation, the company SERW Ltd. was established. The current production program has been extended and completed, so that at the present the company develops and produces HV and EHV disconnectors and earthing switches for voltage 1 kV - 420 kV. We deliver the motor and hand drives of own construction for HV and EHV disconnectors.  For the renovation of the HV switching stations we offer also individual motor drives to control the disconnectors delivered in the past as well by other producers. It is possible - with a suitable construction solution of the drive fittings - to fix the new motor drives to the current disconnectors and earthing switches. The company developed and delivers besides HV and EHV disconnectors the vacuum breakers for voltage 27, 5 kV and 38, 5 kV. The machines are tested and verified in independent labors with valid certification. 


The company provides besides the production of the machines, warranty service and following service, adjustment and putting into operation also technical and customer service inclusive reparations and reconstructions of disconnectors, earthing switches and motor drives. The consulting and technical assistance by design, renovation and building of the switching stations are taken for granted. The technical department is able in the cooperation with the project architect to process the location of the disconnectors and the drives and to project the kinematic solution of the whole machine. It is alternatively possible to measure the state in the switching station and to project a concrete solution of the disconnector’s location.   


The company has own development and construction department and modern production base.  The company is able - besides the production of own machines - to cooperate in machinery working, laser cutting of metal plates and galvanization.

The company bears the certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001


The selected EHV disconnectors’ types have the GOST-R certification.


Statement from the Commercial register